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Security and Defence


PAXCON® was created and developed by LINE-X® LLC as a high-performance, blast-resistant coating suitable for a wide variety of applications. LINE-X is constantly looking for new and innovative uses for its polyurethane/polyurea based products. It is this pioneering spirit that led LINE-X to explore new blast and spall mitigation technologies, against the backdrop of increasing homeland security concerns and anti-terrorist tactical development. PAXCON protective coatings have been recognized by the U.S. military and the defense industry for their high levels of protection.

PAXCON is utilized by government and military contractors, as well as private security firms to safeguard assets. Critical buildings can be coated with PAXCON to help protect personnel against bomb blasts and fragmentation. Fragmentation or debris from an exploded structure is the number one source of injury in a bomb blast. The technology in PAXCON is formulated to mitigate the effects of an explosion by containing the fragmented pieces of the building. The same is true for bullet fragmentation or spalling. After striking an armored plate, a projectile will spall into deadly shrapnel that can cause further injury. PAXCON allows the bullet to penetrate the coating but as the bullet hits the armor and spalls, the coating contracts to catch and contain the fragments.